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There are many child care options in La Jolla and San Diego such as:

  • Preschool
  • Nursery School
  • Home Daycare
  • Day Care Center
  • Child Care Center
  • Nanny
  • Babysitter

What are you looking for for your child?

Peer socialization or individualized child care?
Structured learning or an "open play" emphasis?

Miriam’s program has elements of each of these childcare approaches. Miriam’s small (6 children max) "home daycare" offers all of the educational advantages of many formal preschools, while having a low child-to-caregiver ratio, opportunities for strong friendships, and numerous field trips a week. Parents and children also love Miriam's 0% staff turnover rate; a rarity indeed compared to preschools and large daycares!

Home base is "Mimi's House", a private home located in the village of La Jolla.

Mimi's House is your child’s dream “home away from home”. Clean and comfortable, it contains fine motor / manipulative learning playsets, a play kitchen, a wooden outdoor playhouse, ride-along toys, a reading library, a stocked train table, a large yet low- to- the-ground activity table, and art supplies.

While at home base, your child will engage in both directed and self-directed activities in a child-sized environment. Lessons are taught Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Tuesday and Thursday are reserved for driving field trips while Wednesday is "park day" and Friday "library day". Both the library and the park are within walking distance.

With four field trips each week,your child will have the unique opportunity to spend time in different environments and enjoy more of sunny San Diego. This much time off site is rare in formal childcare.

Whether by observing whales at SeaWorld, or by taking a trip to the La Jolla Riford Library, your child will not just learn of the big, fascinating world around him or her; he or she will learn in it.

In addition, being a part of Miriam's small group gives children a sense of belonging and security. This is highly prized by parents who recognise the value of such emotional support for their young children.

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A letter from one of Miriam’s families:  


Four years ago, we were looking for someone to take care of S. ... When we find you, we found so much more than what we were looking for.

What we found was a wonderful life for S.: a place -a home- where she was nurtured and loved; where she learned about fairness and good values; and where she was encouraged to grow into an articulate, creative, sensitive, social girl.

What S. found was good friends, a wonderful role model, and a second home that was loving, fun and warm. S. is leaving Mimi’s House with a strong sense of self and her world, friends she’ll never forget, and a deep love for you.

You are so special, Mimi, and so gifted. We are so thankful and grateful to you -for how you’ve helped S. grow and learn during her most important years, and for all you’ve given to us all. You are truly precious to us -always.

Love, R. & K., La Jolla

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